About the Artist

I love to cook, to eat, and to play in clay. How grateful I am that my passions all spin together at the pottery studio, as most of my clay creations center around food. Garlic grater dishes and garlic storage jars. Bowls for berries and bowls for soup. Coffee mugs and trays for treats. I love to glaze with certain foods in mind and to serve my favorite foods on my stoneware art. Many of my wares also incorporate a freehand slip trailing design technique: it's really fun to doodle with clay! By the way, all my pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, as well as food safe.

I have been potting for nineteen years, selling primarily at artist markets, open studios and small stores. This year however, as I continue my exit from my college counseling career, I have changed up my relationship to clay. No longer is potting just a side affair, it’s now becoming my main squeeze. I can’t wait to spend more time covered in mud, learning new techniques and indulging my clay obsession. Who knows where my wheel will take me as my pottery adventure evolves.